Our Founder Anand Shankar Madhavan (1914-2007)

Ou Founder

Anand Shankar Madhavan, a visionary and legendary luminary sacrificed and dedicated his whole life for the cause of social service and promotion of ideal and quality education for the younger generation. Being a non-Hindi speaking Keralite, he chose to remain at this remote place with rural surroundings of Mandar Hills with a view to propagate Hindi language among the masses. He established Mandar Vidyapith in 1945 and later on founded Adwaita Mission in 1990. Madhavan, a product of Jamia Millia, an old pupil and a devout disciple of Late Dr. Zakir Hussain was a staunch nationalist, great freedom fighter, true Gandhian, philanthropist as well as a social worker. A man of simple living but high thinking, he was a literary figure, man of academic repute, a thinker and writer par excellence with philosophical instincts. He wrote more than 55 books on varied subjects viz., literature, culture, education, religion etc. He had a keen desire to develop various educational institutions for the development of the region as well as the state. His innovative ideas, ideals and ideologies still guide and lead us on the path of progress. The entire campus vibrates and rejuvenates with the spirit of this pious and benevolent soul.

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